Miss Marianne Faithfull:

Miss Marianne Faithfull:
(Born December 29, 1946) Songs she inspired: She Smiled Sweetly, Let's Spend The Night Together, She's Like A Rainbow, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Wild Horses, I Got The Blues, 100 Years Ago, Winter

Miss Anita Pallenberg:

Miss Anita Pallenberg:
(Born April 6, 1942) Songs she inspired: You Got The Silver, Sister Morphine (words by Marianne), Wild Horses, Coming Down Again, Angie, Beast Of Burden, All About You

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I figured it was about time I did a post on one of my top five all time favourite bands, the New York fuckin' Dolls.  I love everything about the Dolls - their image, attitude, legend, personality (crisis), but more than anything - of course - their music, especially their self-titled debut, gritty rock n' roll at its finest. They came on quick and burned out fast, but left in their wake a legend that the world was only ready for 10 years later. At famed nightclub Max's Kansas City, the Dolls were undisputed royalty, but Midwestern 15-year-old boys (the bulk of the Circus-reading, music-buying audience) didn't understand this hard-hitting New York band whose guitarist played riffs like Keith Richards and wore heels like their slutty older sister. All photos by Bob Gruen, scanned by me. Part 1 of several blogs I plan to do on the Dolls.
With their producer, Todd Rundgren:


Kristen said...

Wow, love this post! Excellent photos. I've been playing NY Dolls and Johnny Thunders a lot recently for whatever reason. I might be posting some of these on Tumblr if that's okay with you... don't worry, you will definitely have the source link. (I can't stand the general attitude of not posting credits on Tumblr when you clearly have the opportunity to do so.) I appreciate all the effort you put into scanning these photos to share with us fans. Cheers!

Leith said...

Thanks, Kristen! I'm glad you love the Dolls too. And of course you can post the photos. <3

Anonymous said...

Agreed, great coverage and we could spend the rest of our lives just trying to make sure these lesser known bands get their just due?

But I WAS a 15 y.o male at the time ( and these guys scared the HELL out of me!? ) My slightly older friend had their poster ( actually kind of hard to get at the time ) and it kind of freaked me out.

Now it's all good! Should go back and give these guys a listen just for a goof. Thanks Leith!

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Unknown said...

wow .... I am overwhelmed!!! Fantastic Foto`s off the Dolls exspecially love the 2 with Todd Rundgren!

Thank you so much, for all your efforts!!!